Our model is simple, look:

Is it really free?

Yes, it's completely free if 5 metrics is enough for you. It’s your choice whether to upgrade your account. The system will not allow to add extra metric over that limit so you have a full control


How can I pay for my premium account?

You can use your PayPal account or a credit card. Your premium account will renew automatically so you won’t have to worry about it each month. You can cancel the subscription anytime


Are there any other costs?

No! We're not hiding any costs for our service, what you see is what you get


How can I cancel the subscription?

That’s easy! Log in, go to setting->billing and click Cancel. That's it and you can retrieve the service anytime


How can I get an invoice?

Every time we charge you, an invoice is generated automatically. You can find it in the settings screen in your account


What's your return policy?

You can try our services for free before upgrading to a premium account and cancel the subscription anytime. That is why we don't agree to any returns