How can metrics be updated

Metrics added by you can be updated in one of three ways:

Manually – after logging in to your account on a web or a mobile app, update your
metric by changing its value

API – with an API, you can
set up integration between your IT system and the CEOdeck. The metric will be
updated automatically by a POST requests sent to a link provided by the
CEOdeck. While choosing an API as an update method, you will be asked about
your developer’s email address. We will send detailed instructions that guide
your developer on how to set it up successfully.

Link – With this update
method, you will designate a person by entering an email address and set the
update frequency. This person will be reminded in due time to
respond to an
email from CEOdeck with a
new value. This person
does not need to be a registered CEOdeck user.